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Prequalification Program

UPDATE - Bid Package #3 Prequalification Applications being accepted through November 28,2018. Firms that submitted a prequalification application in Bid Package #1OR #2 need not submit another package.

The following trades associated with Bid Package 2: Penetration Firestopping, Joint Firestopping & Acoustical Joint Sealants, Masonry Waterproofing, Exterior Stone Cladding ST-1,Thermal & Acoustical Insulation, Interior Framing & Drywall, Loading Dock Bumpers & Stationary Loading Dock Equipment, Offsite Improvements, Hot Fluid Applied Rubberized Asphalt Roofing, PVC Roofing, Sheet Metal Roofing, Flashing, Roof Specialties, Roof Accessories & Roof Trim, Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, Flush  Wood Doors & Finish Hardware, Communications, Audio Visual Systems, Security Systems.

Turner Martin-Harris, A Joint Venture, in its capacity as Construction Manager at Risk, and pursuant to NRS 338.16991, hereby invites properly licensed subcontractors, suppliers, material and equipment vendors to apply for qualification to bid on:

LVCCD Phase II Expansion, CMAR Contract No. 18-4493

PWP # CL-2018-24

The project will include construction of a New Exhibit Hall and associated spaces to be built on the LVCVA’s Gold Lot and Diamond Lot.  The Phase Two Expansion is currently programed to have approximately 1,400,000 SF consisting of Exhibit Hall, Pre-Function, Meeting and Multi-Purpose, General building Support and General Building Spaces.  This is a Prevailing Wage Project that will be utilizing a Contractors Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP)

SMALL BUSINESS, S/M/W/V/DBE subcontractors, suppliers, material and equipment vendors are encouraged to participate in this qualification process directly and through bidding subcontractors.

All Interested parties must be qualified pursuant to NRS 338.16991. 

Turner Martin Harris, A Joint Venture and the LVCCD has elected to adopt the Nevada State Public Works Division’s (NSPWD) List of Qualified Bidders.  Firms appearing on the NSPWD’s List of Qualified Bidders whose qualification dates are valid through this qualification process, are deemed qualified for their license classifications and to the limits listed.  NSPWD Qualified Firms should email their letter from NSPWD stating they are approved to lvcc@turnermartinharris.com to get on the vendors list.

Firms not appearing in the NSPWD List of Qualified Bidders must complete the qualification application below according to the bid package they are interested in submitting. Please refer to the Pid Package Schedule for more information.

Turner Martin Harris, A Joint Venture is an equal opportunity employer.



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